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Edit Your Menu with More Suggestions from Gatheredtable

Posted on July 15th, 2016 in How It Works by Katin

Organization by Meal

Each day on your planner now lists the recipes for each meal. So if you choose to use your planner for meals besides dinner, it will all be organized in a simple, visual way!

 Meal Planning


Meal Suggestions in Your Planner

On the right-hand side of your menu planner, you’ll now see a list of recipes that we suggest specifically for you based on your diet and preferences, the current season, and popularity in our community.

Meal Planning Suggestions

 Note that these suggestions are not yet available for customers who have signed up for one of our specialty plans.

And Search, Too…

Also on the right-hand side, you’ll find a Search tab where you can search for recipes by title, ingredient or keyword. You can also filter the results to just include recipes that meet a certain set of criteria, similar to how filtering works in the Recipes section.

Recipe Search

Drag to Edit!

When you find a suggested recipe that you want to make, just drag it from the suggestion area onto your plan. You’ll notice that you can choose to drop the recipe onto a specific meal on the day. (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack or Dinner)

Drag and drop recipe planning


Mark the Recipes that You Don’t Like

This is a new one for us (and you’ve been asking for it)! If there’s a recipe that you do not want us to suggest again, just mark it as “Never Suggest” – it’s that easy! These recipes will be hidden from your suggestion list, and we won’t put them on future menus either.

When viewing the planner, click on the little v at the bottom-right of a recipe to find this option.

And a few other improvements…

  • Recipe Controls: You notice all new controls on the recipe cards, making it easier than ever to edit your weekly plan.
  • Moving Recipes: From the pop-down menu on a recipe card, you can choose not only the date but the meal.
  • Filter by Meal: Both in the planner search tab & in the Recipes section, you can now filter Gatheredtable recipes by meal. As you clip/enter your own recipes, you’ll also have the option designate the meal for each recipe.
  • Expand/Collapse Recipes: To show/hide the photos of the recipes on a week, just click to rotate the little v at the left-hand side of that week.

We hope you love these new improvements to the Gatheredtable menu planner, making editing your weekly menu easier than ever (and more fun!). Drop us a line and let us know…

Happy Planning,