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Improvements to the Gatheredtable Recipes Section

Posted on May 17th, 2016 by Katin

What’s New…

“Heart” a recipe to save it

Now when you want to “save” a recipe to your personal library, just click on the little red heart. This will keep your recipe linked to the original, so if there are changes you’ll automatically see them in your library and in your menu. If you want to edit a recipe that you find, you can still do that, just click on “Copy & Edit”. (Remember that you can control the mix of recipes on your menu that come from your personal library vs our weekly suggestions)

You’ll also note that now you can see how many members of our community have saved a recipe. Yah!

Smarter searching

We’ve improved the way you search for recipes. In addition to searching for terms in recipes titles, ingredients, and instructions, you can also now search for things like theme (ex: fish), diet (ex: vegan), and seasons (ex: summer). Give it a try! (And don’t forget about recipe filtering)

And some other great stuff:

  • We continue to make improvements to the web recipe clipper, adding more sites and improving the accuracy of ingredient recognition.
  • Fixes some issues with printing from Firefox (woohoo!) and recipe editing from IE.