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Why Use Plastic Spoon for Honey?

Honey is a favorite natural sweetener that many people love to drizzle on top of pancakes, toast, ice cream, cornbread, and almost anything you can think of. However, it is not easy to do it perfectly and beautifully without your precious honey splotching on just one spot if you don’t use the right spoon.

why use plastic spoon for honey

This is why people recommend plastic spoons to scoop up honey. But why use plastic spoon for honey, you ask?

Using a plastic spoon for honey is a practice that possibly resulted because of the claims that metal, which most spoons are made of, may contain some components that can get mixed in with honey.

Continue reading below to learn more about using the right spoon to enjoy the delicious honey to the fullest.

Can You Scoop Raw Honey with Metal Spoon?

You might have heard of how it is not recommended to use a metal spoon to scoop up your honey. Honey has long been used in history as a folk remedy that has many medical uses and offers an exciting selection of health benefits.

For example, honey is used for the treatment of wounds as well as many other types of sicknesses like fever or sore throat.

The organic acid content of honey makes it acidic. It has a pH scale that is typically between 3.4 to 6.1. The acidic substances found in honey can corrode metals. It is usually feared that metal components can get mixed in honey, and these include metal spoons as well as other types of metal utensils.

Is It Bad to Use Metal Spoon for Honey?

Having said all of these, it is important to know that not all types of honey have the same acidity level. Some people claim that not using a metal spoon for honey is only an old wives’ tale that doesn’t go away even after all these years.

While it is true that honey is acidic, it is not likely that metal corrosion will take place if you use a metal spoon to scoop honey in such a quick movement. But it is still not recommended that you store or keep a metal spoon in your honey for an extended period because it might then lead to metal corrosion.

Why Use Plastic and Wooden Spoons for Honey?

Once again, even if there is no major harm in using a metal spoon for honey, here are some of the top reasons why plastic and wooden spoons are more recommended than their metal counterpart.

Wood is believed to have some antibacterial properties that can help protect your honey.

The reaction of metal with honey can change the flavor of honey and might even transfer the metal substances that are not desirable at all.

To prevent the potential corrosion of metal, it is better to use a plastic or wooden spoon. It is because honey is mostly acid, with acid reacting with most types of metal.

The reaction between honey and metal can neutralize the ion charges from honey and this might lessen its health benefits. The negative ions found in honey help balance out the positive charges in the human body that can help in the treatment of different conditions such as allergies, asthma, anxiety, and stress.

How to Choose a Plastic Spoon for Honey

A hard plastic honey spoon can come in very handy if you want to scoop your honey safely. When looking for one, make sure you choose a plastic spoon that is dishwasher-safe and durable at the same time. It is also important to ensure that the plastic material is free from BPA or Bisphenol A.

Why Use a Special Spoon for Honey?

The truth is that you can use any spoon, plastic or not, for honey. However, the only concern with using regular spoons is the fact that you won’t be able to expect them to help you drizzle your favorite honey aesthetically over pancakes, toast, or bread.

A huge blob of honey will surely slide off of a regular spoon, something that might not be that convenient if you want to keep your food more pleasing to the eye.

It is the very reason why many people prefer to use a honey spoon instead. These spoons that have been specially designed for honey as well as other types of viscous liquids like melted chocolate and syrups can offer a more even and consistent drizzle than regular spoons.

And although a blob of honey might not be a problem for you per se, you still cannot just use any spoon to scoop up honey. As mentioned earlier, it is not recommended to use a metal spoon for it. It is due to the acidic properties of honey that might react with the metal component.

Even if you will only use a metal spoon to get a quick scoop, make sure you don’t leave it behind in the honey. The healing properties of honey might be reduced if you do so.

What is the Right Way to Consume Honey?

It is recommended to use a plastic, ceramic, or wooden spoon to scoop honey. If not is available, you can also pour it out on a metal spoon and then consume it right away. Don’t forget to wash the metal spoon immediately after using it.

Is It Better to Use Honey Dippers for Honey?

You might have already seen a honey dipper in the past, but chances are you don’t know why it even exists and how it is used in the first place. Before now, you probably assumed that honey dippers were only for aesthetic purposes that mimic the appearance of a beehive for the matching honey jar. But believe it or not, this household item serves a very specific and special purpose.

Honey dippers were developed in ancient China to ensure that honey doesn’t make a mess every time you dip it out. Unlike using a spoon that can get honey everywhere, honey stays right between the crevices of the honey dipper. As long as you continue to rotate the dipper, the honey won’t escape until you stop, and you are ready to allow it to pour.

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