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The Best Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Eating Space

Your dining room is more than just a place to eat; it’s a place to gather with loved ones, create memories, and celebrate special occasions. However, over the years, dining rooms have often become an afterthought in the design process, merging into open floor plans with kitchens, living rooms, and more—it’s become more of a multipurpose space rather than an area for community and connection.

Distractions like the TV, computers, toys, and more can make it hard for families to come together and engage, which is already a struggle due to the busy and stressful nature of everyday life at work or school. But when you focus on the dining room and allow the intimacy to flourish, it can be an excellent space.

Southern Living outlines how the formal dining room in 2024 is all about carving out a special place for dining that can shift interactions in the home, allowing families to focus on each other and the food. It also has amazing design potential, and there are many ways to make it an inviting place everyone can feel comfortable in. Here are some of the best dining room ideas to elevate your eating space:

Light the Room with A Chandelier or Pendant

The proper lighting can make a big difference in the ambiance of your dining room. An elegant way to light the space is by incorporating a chandelier or pendant above the dining table. A single dynamic and unique light fixture can make for a greater impact in the dining area, and it can be a great conversation starter when guests visit.

For longer tables, you can take cues from our post on 24 Kitchen Island Lighting Inspirations and opt for double pendants to make the most of the space and add more illumination. However, finding the right balance between ambiance and practicality with lighting can be tricky.

You don’t want the light to be so dim that people can’t see each other or their food, but you should also avoid intense brightness that can be bothersome and unflattering. To create the right lighting, you can use silk-wrapped bulbs that provide a soft light that’s still illuminating without being harsh. You can also find a fixture that can bounce light off the ceiling to diffuse the lighting.

Opt for A Dining Set with A Bench

You can’t go wrong with a classic dining room set, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional setup. You can elevate the space by incorporating a bench into your dining room set to make it look more eye-catching.

A dining set with a bench by Living Spaces showcases how they create a homey, casual feel, making the eating space feel more inviting. It’s also a practical option as they allow more people to sit at the table—great if you’re a homeowner with a big family or enjoy having guests over and hosting gatherings. Some sets even come with extendable dining tables to create more space for people. They don’t compromise on style, either.

The Mariko Extendable Dining Set, inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, brings simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty to your space. The Graham Dining set features a sleek look with a deep brown color and casual slat back design. You don’t have to worry about your dining set looking too similar to a picnic table since there are a plethora of options that can suit any aesthetic you choose for your dining room.

Add a Pop of Color with Wallpaper

If your dining room is plain-looking or lacks a welcoming vibe, you can spice up the space with wallpaper and bring more vibrance into the area. Adding wallpaper to your dining room is a quick fix to brighten up your dining room and hide any imperfections on the walls or paint.

There’s no shortage of colors and patterns to choose from either; whether you want to go for dainty florals, classic stripes, or geometric designs, there are many variations you can use to liven up your dining room. There’s also room for you to get more creative with wallpaper designs. The wallpaper collections from Graham & Brown highlight how wallpapers come in a vast array of prints and hues.

The Clavering Birds collection features hand-illustrated and painted birds and flowers that add a colorful and natural touch to a room, while the Norse Forest collection brings an earthy look with towering tree patterns. If you’re worried about overwhelming your dining room with wallpaper, you can add it to one wall to make a statement wall or break it up with paneling. The best part of wallpaper is that it’s easy to remove and start over if you aren’t satisfied with the look or want to change it up.

Liven up The Space with Decor

Aside from your furniture, dining room decor is a great way to bring life to your eating space and add a personal touch. If you have enough space, you can bring in a shelf and decorate it with an assortment of pictures, books, or figurines.

You can hang a mix of eclectic artwork on the walls, such as prints, paintings, or antiques; incorporating art from friends and family or framed drawings made by your kids can make it even more personal and unique. Your table is also an excellent canvas for decorating. You can create the base with a textured table runner and similar placemats for a cohesive look. An eye-catching centerpiece on your dining table can add elegance to the area and tie the look together.

A vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit, decorative candles, or even a small sculpture can be an eye-catching conversation starter. An accent like a napkin ring or a starter dish under the plates can instantly make the dining setup look chic.

Final Thoughts

Your dining room is a special place where people can bond over good food and conversation. Getting creative with the design and decor can make it a space you’re truly proud of and excited to show off to all those who visit. While food will always take center stage when it comes to your dining room, enhancing the experience with an elevated space can make you and others feel more welcome in your home.

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