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is white mold on garlic dangerous

Is White Mold on Garlic Dangerous?

No kitchen will ever be complete without garlic. That is why nothing can be as frustrating as discovering that your garlic has already developed mold just when you have set your mind on prepping Bolognese for dinner...

Can Cinnamon Make You Throw Up?

The Unexpected Side Effect of Eating Cinnamon

Whether you love or hate cinnamon, chances are you have already heard of the so-called “cinnamon challenge.” Participants in this challenge are required to put a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in their mouth and attempt...

Why Do I Hate Cinnamon?

Why Does Cinnamon Have So Many Haters?

When winter holidays kick in, the aroma of cinnamon fills the air. You can smell it in pretty much everything, from spice cakes to mulled wine, and yes, even beef stew. The mere scent of cinnamon alone can instantly...

does cheese bung you up

Can Eating Cheese Really Give You Constipation?

For the longest time, people have had this belief that cheese is the main reason why they get constipated. It made them stay away from eating cheese, no matter how much they love it. But are the claims really true? Does...

does eating raw coconut cause acne?

The Truth About Raw Coconut and Acne

If you want to achieve and maintain healthier skin, there are some foods rich in specific nutrients that you can try adding to your diet to reach this goal. One perfect example of these foods is none other than raw...

does coconut oil make your hair white?

Does Coconut Oil Really Make Your Hair White?

Coconut oil has long been known for its benefits to the skin and hair. For many years, people have been using coconut oil to keep their hair healthier and their skin clearer. However, despite its amazing perks, there...

is coconut milk high in purine

Is Coconut Milk Be the Reason for High Purine Levels?

Suffering from gout can be a very painful experience. This is why it is very important that you know which foods to eat and which ones you need to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, the list of foods to eat and avoid...

does chocolate really kill mice

What Happens when You Feed Chocolate to Mice?

If you are a dog or cat owner, you might be aware of how chocolate is a big no-no for your fur babies. Even the smallest bite of chocolate can already be toxic for them. What about mice, then? Does chocolate really kill...

do anorexics eat chocolate

Why Chocolate May Be the Key to Treating Anorexia

Anorexia can make a person extremely malnourished and thin. This is why if you know someone who is anorexic, it is only natural that you want to extend help. If you have a family member or a friend who refuses to eat...