Why Meal Plan?
Eat Better
Meal Planning gets you eating healthier food, homemade from scratch (and less packaged, processed and takeout foods).
Save Money
Replace expensive, unhealthy takeout food with homemade. Our average dinner costs just
$2.00/ person, and the shopping list helps save on groceries.
Save Time
Having a plan each week means you spend less time wandering the grocery store & more time gathered around the dinner table.
Discover Great Recipes
Stuck in a recipe rut? Our menus suggest “just for you” recipes combined with some of your classics.
Stress Less
Is your mind wandering at 4pm trying to figure out what’s for dinner? When you have a plan, worrying is a thing of the past.
Waste Less
Better planning leads to buying only what you need at the store on each trip.

Gatheredtable is Ad-Free
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None. Nowhere. Nada. Never.
How Meal Planning Works With Gatheredtable

Recipes for Every Taste and Diet
We curate, test and perfect recipes from all over, recommending you the very best recipes that match your preferences.

Helpful How-tos
You don’t have to meal plan alone! Gatheredtable has lots of resources to help you out in the kitchen and the grocery store.